An open-source, portable and lightweight Steam client that aims to make your Steam experience better than ever.

About Mist

Mist is an open-source, portable and lightweight Steam client written in C# for Windows XP or higher, packed with enhancements and awesome features.

Mist is something I decided to create because I love the idea of being able to do trades anywhere, even away from home. It's portable and doesn't require Steam to be installed, which means that you can put it on a flash drive and bring it anywhere with you.

Mist is built on top of a heavily modified version of SteamBot, which in turn is powered by SteamKit2.

Download Mist

You can download the latest version of Mist right here (it's completely free!) or you can also get the source code directly from the GitHub repo if you prefer.


Contact Mist's Creator

You can get in touch with me via Steam, or if you have a code-related issue you can create a new issue on the Github repository.